Aston Lodge Primary School

Aston Lodge Primary School

Welcome to F2

Class Teacher: Mrs Roberts

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Shingler


Welcome back after the holidays!


Here are a few things that will be happening during our final half term:


Main Topic - Seaside


This half term we will be learning about the seaside.  We will talk about what we would find at the seaside and what animals we might find living in the sea in different countries.  We will compare our seaside's in this country with other countries, such as Brazil, which the whole school will be doing a mini topic about.

We will read different stories about sea creatures and our work in class will reflect what we have been learning about.






We will also be discussing the Olympics in Rio.  This will be linked to our theme of Brazil.  Our sports day will also take  place this half term.






Please continue to read with the children at home.  The children would love to share their reading books with you as well as other story books you have at home, in the library or even comics and magazines.  It will help them to develop a love for reading and sense of achievement when they start to recognise their words in books.

We read with the children everyday one more than one occasion.  We do individual reading, shared class reading and guided group reading.




Letters and Sounds

This half term we will be recapping Phase 3 Phonics and beginning Phase 4 phonics.  Please help your children at home by recapping on all of the letter sounds they have learnt so far and encourge the children to practice blending and segmenting words to help them to read and write words.  The children should now be recognising High Frequency words and tricky words in their reading and starting to apply all of their knowledge to their writing independently.



The cost of baking money is 50p per week.  If you would prefer, you can pay an amount per half term (This half term would be £3.00) The community room where we do our baking is still under construction so we have been buying a variety of different snacks to fit in with our topics instead until we get the room back which should hopefully be after half term.  This will then hopefully mean that we can start baking on a regular basis.



PEpe kids clipart

Our PE day will be on Monday's this half term. Could you please ensure your child has their PE kit on this day and that any earrings are removed?

It may be easier for your child to bring their kit at the start of the week and leave it at school. We will then remind the children to take it home on Fridays if you wish.


Please ensure your child's name is inside all of their clothing as we have had some PE items go missing.






Here is a copy of the welcome booklet if you wish to view it:

 Foundation Stage 2 Welcome Booklet