Aston Lodge Primary School

Aston Lodge Primary School


Welcome to year 5.

Miss Middleton and Mrs Hinchliffe



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Aston Lodge will be looking at Brazil. We will be celebrating the Olympics but also looking at the geography and history of Brazil.




If you have any resources, books or information which you can share please bring it in to school.  

 In English we will write and perform poems about the Amazon. We will be looking at deforestation and thinking about the problems this causes.


Core Story:



We will be reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare (prepare for witches, plots, battles, baddies and even....MURDER!)





Each child will be given a homework diary. This will be checked daily. Homework will be set and checked. The children are responsible for writing this in their diary. It will be their morning work task therefore it is important to get them in to school on time.


Times Tables- This tem it has become apparent that children are still struggling with basic multiplications therefore we will go back to weekly tests. Your child will need to get all the questions correct before they move on to look at another table. Please show your support by; testing and practising with your child; encouraging them to chant tables; singing songs and playing games with them. There are lots of ways to make it fun, check out You Tube for ideas or come and ask myself or Mrs Hinchliffe.


Around the world in 15 minutes:


Throughout the year each child will present information to the class about a chosen country. I will inform the children when it is their turn (usually about 3 weeks before they are expected to present.) This will also be written in their diary.







If you have any queries  about your child’s learning please pop in to school or call after 3 o’clock and we will be happy to help.




Miss Middleton and Mrs Hinchcliffe