Aston Lodge Primary School

Aston Lodge Primary School

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Well done to everyone involved in the year 3/4 production of Alice in Wonderland.

Thank you to everyone who came along to book week. Don't forget to read your book and bring your homework in.

Red nose day- Make your face funny!





Sponsored Walk and Wear it Bright (34 images)

Children came to school dressed in bright clothes and learnt about road safety and making sure they are seen by cars. During the day each class took part in a sponsored walk. Some of us walked more than 4 miles!

Created: 19 Jun 15 14:25 | Last modified: 19 Jun 15 14:42

Yorkshire Wildlife Park (17 images)

WOW! What an amazing day. We learnt lots of facts about animals. We saw baby tigers, ring tailed lemurs and wallabies. The children were excellent and we were really proud of ALL of them!

Created: 17 Jun 15 12:22 | Last modified: 17 Jun 15 16:30

Farm (13 images)

A mobile farm visited nursery today. We were lucky enough to visit.

Created: 24 Apr 15 12:18 | Last modified: 24 Apr 15 12:21

Alice in Wonderland (28 images)

y 3 and 4 production of Alice in Wonderland

Created: 13 Apr 15 15:38 | Last modified: 13 Apr 15 15:52

The Solar Eclipse (36 images)

Aston Lodge children created their own pin-hole viewers so that they could watch the eclipse safely. We went on to the playground and we were lucky enough to see it, were you?

Created: 20 Mar 15 17:16 | Last modified: 20 Mar 15 17:27

Book Week (11 images)

Parents and children were asked to work on a task related to our class story; Ned and the Joybaloo. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported their child.

Created: 16 Mar 15 08:28 | Last modified: 16 Mar 15 08:34

Red Nose Day (6 images)

Year 4 designed their own masks for Red Nose Day. We also donated money to come to school in non-uniform

Created: 14 Mar 15 19:29 | Last modified: 16 Mar 15 08:26

Rotherham United Football Training (24 images)

We were very lucky to have football coaches in to teach the year 4 class some football skills.

Created: 4 Mar 15 17:54 | Last modified: 4 Mar 15 17:58

Miners (14 images)

Year 3 and 4 had a visit from ex-miners.

Created: 6 Jan 15 16:14 | Last modified: 6 Jan 15 16:22