Aston Lodge Primary School

Aston Lodge Primary School

 Year 3

Teacher: Mrs Houlden 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Fields 

 PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday.  Please can you ensure that the children have outdoor kit (including a warm jumper, joggers and trainers). As where ever possible, we will try to go outside for PE lessons. 

This half term Year 3 will be learning about:

The Blue Marble

We will have fun learning all about volcanoes, earthquakes and other physical aspects of geography.



Other learning:

PE: Make sure PE kits are in school for Tuesday and Thursday (We will be going outside as often as possible so please make sure your child has warm kit and outdoor trainers/ pumps.Please can I encourage you to send your children with hats)


Homework: Children will be expected to practise their times tables and spellings on a weekly basis and will be tested on these every Friday.

Homework diaries also need to be signed and returned daily please.

Reading: Please continue to read with your child. Your child needs to read at least 3x a week please.

If your child has books at home which they wish to read please encourage this, some of them may even be on our accelerated reader system so they can quiz on them.


 Optional Homework: see below

  1. Design a poster to show a volcano’s main features. Make sure you label its important parts!
  2. Research a volcanic eruption of your choice (not one you’ve studied in class).
  3. Produce a fact file about the eruption including a) a sketch map to show its location b) a description of the eruption c) an explanation of why it erupted d) details about the eruption’s impact (both short and long-term).
  4. Find out why people still live close to volcanoes despite the risks. Think about soil, new land, building materials, mineral deposits, hot springs and spas, electricity and tourism. Be ready to share your ideas in class.
  5. What is the Richter Scale? Imagine you have just survived an earthquake. Write a short story about what happened. Make sure you include factual information such as the earthquake’s strength. Use geographical words in your account such as tremor, seismic isolator, aftershock, and epicentre.
  6. Create a project dictionary that explains some aspect of physical geography such as volcano, cave or earthquake vocabulary in your own words.
  7. Draw/paint a picture of either a volcano, cave or the Earth

8. Make a papier mache model of the Earth

If you have any queries about your child’s learning please pop in to school or call after 3 o’clock and we will be happy to help.