Aston Lodge Primary School

Aston Lodge Primary School


Literacy Zone

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Books for all Primary School ages and abilities!


Follow the links below for games to help with your learning. 

                               Word and Spelling                                 


        Dungeon Escape                                         Spelling Ship                                            Whomp!       


 Word Build and Bank                                  Look Out Below                                            Word Search

 CVC Words 


    CVC Machine                                        The Whirly Machine                                            Pounce!

Spelling Rules


        Catch that Horse                              Catch that Thief                               Prefix Match


       Fish 'em Up                                      Wordworks                                    Spellits: Castle Park 




          Penguins on Ice                              Grammar Gorillas                        Power Proofreader



        Blast the Rocket                         Choose the Adjective                  Adjective Adventure



        The Magic Key                                             Verbs in Space                                    Word Play



Noun Explorer                                    Proper Nouns                               What are Nouns?



                                                                           The Ed Files

 Full Stops, Capital Letters, Question Marks


          Lug and the Giant Storks                     HMS Sweet Tooth                    Dragon Land


           Capital Letters 1                                Capital Letters 2                            Question Marks


                                                                   Magical Capitals

Commas, Speech Marks, Apostrophes


                Comma Chameleon                        Contractions                          Match the Contraction      


                 Don't Use Said                          Insert Speech Marks